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MC-130P to enhance crew training

15th November 2018 - 15:30 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


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A new ground instructional training aircraft (GITA) has arrived at the US Air Force's Sheppard AFB to provide improved training for C-130 training squadron staff.

The MC-130P Combat Shadow GITA offers several training advancements that will help give crew experience more closely resembling operational realities, as well as an insight to the different missions the cargo plane conducts.

For example, the braking system on the MC-130P allows crew to learn on equipment that is currently being used in the field. The majority of the C-130 training aircraft used at Sheppard have the obsolete multi-disk braking system, whereas C-130s in the field use a new carbon-style system.

The GITA will provide training for crew during their academic course training at Sheppard before they head to follow-on training at Little Rock AFB, Ark.

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