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Finnish Leopard 2A6 fleet complete

29th October 2019 - 13:30 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


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The Finnish Defence Forces received its final Leopard 2A6 main battle tanks (MBT) from the Netherlands on 25 October.

Finland ordered 100 used surplus Leopard 2A6 main battle tanks from the Netherlands in 2014. Delivery has been ongoing since 2015 with the vehicles being serviced and modified with country-specific equipment as required.

Compared to earlier variants, the 2A6 MBT has improved firepower, more advanced ballistic protection and internal shrapnel protection as well as vehicle commanders’ independent night operating capability.

Training for the new type began in 2016 for the Finnish Army's Armoured Brigade and also now the Karelia Brigade. With the fielding of the new 2A6 equipment, the Finnish Army has expanded and developed inter-branch interoperability between the armour and the infantry.

The procurement also included acquisition of spare parts, training simulators, special tools and testing equipment as well as an ammunition lot.

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