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DSEI 2019: Kirintec launches multi-mission cyber electromagnetic solution

3rd September 2019 - 10:05 GMT | by Beth Maundrill in London


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Kirintec is looking to offer customers a new multi-mission solution for cyber and electromagnetic activites (CEMA) with its K-CEMA Jupiter solution to be launched at DSEI 2019.

The new K-CEMA Jupiter looks to cover a large area of the EW spectrum from force protection jamming and UAV jamming to communications, EW and EW surveillance.

‘Over the last 10-15 years as threats evolved the answer for most western countries was to design a new box and a new set of technologies to meet that gap, what we’re trying to achieve with K-CEMA is a multi-mission system so it gives a whole load more future proofing,’ a company spokesperson told Shephard.

The benefits include a reduction in training burden because there are fewer systems to operate, less space is taken up in the cabin of a vehicle, if soldier borne the system reduces combat fatigue. There is also a reduction in power consumption.

The K-CEMA will also incorporate self-learning algorithms which will enable the system to identify threats and select relevant countermeasures.

The company said that it began development of the K-CEMA in January 2019 and it is a clean sheet design which has been self-funded.

There are a total of five modules within the system which can be customised to specific user requirements which include the addition of 5G capabilities, once that technology is fully matured.

The spokesperson said that there is a planned three year development path for the solution but ultimately it will be ready for market in September 2019.

The target market for the K-CEMA are described as western tier one users with large defence budgets. The company currently has existing government contracts with Five Eyes nations which could be a potential start for its K-CEMA customer base.

On price the company said that the user will ultimately save money because it is one solution rather than four separate systems.

‘It is surprisingly affordable I think,’ one spokesperson said.

Following the launch of the system at DSEI the company will be looking to book in customer demonstrations for early 2020.

K-CEMA can detect threat signals anywhere in the EME – 100KHz to 18GHz (20 MHz to 6 GHz), can deliver data collection and signal analysis on the move, and is able to deliver a selected countermeasure at the right frequency, power and time to deny the threat system to the adversary.

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