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LAAD 2017: Gripen incoming

6th April 2017 - 05:04 GMT | by Tim Fish in Rio de Janeiro


The first flight of the Brazilian Air Force's new Gripen E fighter will take place in the second quarter of 2017.

Mikael Franzen, DG of Gripen Brazil at Saab Aeronautics, said that the programme to deliver 36 aircraft under the FX-2 programme is on track and the company is engaged in flight testing of the fighters.

So it appears the Brazilian AF main priority programme will continue despite the country's economic woes. The contract between the AF and Saab was signed in 2013 and is worth $4.5 billion. Franzen said that this price was in line with Brazilian AF expectations.

The company will deliver 28 Gripen E single seat fighter and eight two-seat Gripen-F variants in partnership with Brazilian aerospace company Embraer that involves a significant amount of technology transfer.

Franzen said that the two-seat jet is being developed at the Gripen Design and Development Network in Sau Paulo, which was started in November 2016 and will be the main Gripen technological development centre for the Gripen Next Generation aircraft.

A further production line will be built at Sao Bernando do Campo in Sao Paulo state that will also manage the supply chain elements for the support of the aircraft.

The company announced that Atmos Sistemas will manage the maintenance regime and supply of components for the aircraft's electronic systems like sensors, radar and EW for the Gripen industry team. Another company DCTA will examine the requirements of the aircraft for analysis that will inform decisions about future fighter systems across six different projects.

Other companies include AEL Sistemas, Inbra Aerospace, Atmos, Atech, Akaer and COPAC.

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