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DSEI 2019: Drone Evolution launches 'unjammable’ drone tech

11th September 2019 - 06:00 GMT | by The Shephard News Team in London


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Drone Evolution launched its new rotary UAV protection technology as DSEI 2019. Dubbed SafeFlight, the system is designed to protect delivery drones from being jammed, with a titanium shell built to help protect the drone from external forces such as small arms fire and laser attacks.

SafeFlight can use multiple different navigation systems, and it is able to switch between them when under attack, helping it to maintain its course and reach its destination.

There are also anti-jamming systems in the motors of SafeFlight, which helps them to be resilient to electronic interference.

Toby Townrow, communications director at Drone Evolution, said: ‘Development of SafeFlight technology means that the nascent drone delivery industry can protect the public, the assets and the integrity of the industry itself, knowing that delivered items will always reach their destination however much bad actors may want to interfere with it.‘

He added: ‘We are delighted to take Drone Evolution to its next level both in business and technology....This could be a game-changer for drone deliveries, one that could help to see them finally become a reality in both military and civilian life.’

Drone evolution is a company that provides aerial data to ‘make people safer and organisations better’. The company says it is an ‘expert in using drones to reduce the need to work at height, saving money and time, minimising disruption and increasing the safety of workers’.

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