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ITEC 2017: KF Aerospace to deliver Bell 206 FTD

16th May 2017 - 7:00 by Trevor Nash in London

ITEC 2017: KF Aerospace to deliver Bell 206 FTD

KF Aerospace, formally Kelowna Flightcraft, has been brought under contract by Canada's Department of National Defence to deliver and operate a Bell 206 Flight Training Device (FTD) for the Royal Canadian Air Force's (RCAF) Contracted Flying Training and Support (CFTS) programme.

CFTS is operated by KF Aerospace's subsidiary, KF Aerospace Defence Programs and is responsible for undertaking primary, basic, rotary-wing and multi-engine pilot training for the RCAF at Southport, Manitoba.

This US$4.7 million contract will see US simulation specialists, Frasca, provide a Bell 206 Level 7 FTD complete with a 220-degree field-of-view visual system and six degrees-of-freedom motion platform and a seat vibration system.

The device also incorporates Frasca's proprietary SimAssist software that provides varying levels of automatic instructor assistance during the earliest phases of helicopter flight training.

The simulator installation at Southport will be undertaken by KF Aerospace Defence Programs and is supported by a pan-Canadian team consisting of Bluedrop Training & Simulation, Canadian Helicopters Ltd and Canadian Base Operators.

'We are very pleased to provide cutting edge training systems for the CFTS programme. Introducing devices like the new Bell 206 FTD is one example of how we're continually honing our training system to provide exceptional service, efficiency, and throughput for our Canadian Armed Forces customer,' said Peter Fedak, site manager for the CFTS programme.

'This new capability will continue the CFTS programme's status as a leader in supporting the RCAF simulation strategy. The FTD will provide the RCAF with the ability to decide what flight training regimes are best suited for simulation and which operations require an actual aircraft. This will ensure that RCAF aircrew receive the right training, to the right people, and at the right time.'

The Bell 206 FTD will begin service with the CFTS programme in April 2018.

CFTS trains all pilot candidates seeking to become RCAF pilots. KF Aerospace also provides the Lead-in Air Navigator Training Course to all potential RCAF air combat systems officers.

The RCAF is currently looking at providing a single umbrella service contract that will include CFTS and the fast-jet training provided by the NATO Flying Training Canada. The latter is run by CAE from bases at Moose Jaw and Cold Lake. The new programme is referred to as Future Aircrew Training or FAcT.

Contract award is expected in 2021 with delivery of the new service taking place between 2026-2036.

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