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ITEC 2017: QuantaDyn merges new technologies

18th May 2017 - 10:58 by Trevor Nash in Rotterdam

ITEC 2017: QuantaDyn merges new technologies

US company QuantaDyn, specialists in the provision of Joint Terminal Attack Controller training systems, has been exhibiting at ITEC 2017 in Rotterdam and has brought together a number of new technologies on its booth.

One key element was Bohemia Interactive Simulations’ (BISim) whole-earth rendering technology, VBS Blue IG. The JTAC training scenario featured a four-channel, 4m dome system at 2K resolution with geotypical terrain from VBS Blue merged with geospecific roads and building footprints created by TerraSim’s TerraTools.

The scenario was driven by the Modern Air Combat Environment (MACE) software from Battlespace Simulations Inc and QuantaDyn’s communications middleware DIScover provided the ability to network assets into the training scenario.

‘We are very excited to add Bohemia Interactive Simulation’s VBS Blue IG to our system as it gives us a remarkable depth of realism enabling us to deliver a high fidelity experience in the QuantaDyn System,’ said Bill Dunn, the company’s president.

‘QuantaDyn is focused on providing a reliable and realistic Joint Fires Training System to our customers across the globe and key partnerships with trusted providers enable our delivery for training excellence.’

In addition to VBS Blue IG, the QuantaDyn booth featured the integration of Barco’s AudioCue 3D sound system along with four F70 4K UHD laser phosphor projectors.

The development of the Barco F70 has now been completed and the company is understood to be signing off the projector for mass production next week. According to Dave Fleugeman, Barco’s VP simulation, ‘we have lots of orders for the F70 from customers supporting the US Air Force and Japanese ministry of defence.’

As to AudioCue, Fluegeman told Shephard that, ‘the system provides a sound layering effect that adds a new level of realism to virtual training’.

The key aspect of the QuantaDyn exhibit was that it highlighted how system integration specialists such as QuantaDyn can exploit numerous sub-systems to achieve an optimum product offering.

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