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ITEC 2017: MASA and BISim in strategic alliance

18th May 2017 - 8:30 by Trevor Nash in Rotterdam

ITEC 2017: MASA and BISim in strategic alliance

Constructive training and AI specialist MASA and Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) have signed a product sales and technical cooperation agreement to further develop MASA SWORD for the North American market and provide  a visual capability for the product.

This agreement will confirm BISim as the official reseller of MASA’s SWORD constructive training system in North America.

With SWORD in service in around 16 countries and BISim’s VBS products having an even larger global footprint, the companies believe that their complementary technologies can broaden their international reach and provide a comprehensive simulation package for command staff training.

‘This formal cooperation follows a period of successful collaboration, including the development of Proof of Concept (POC) integration examples for MASA SWORD and BISim’s VBS3,' MASA said.

Central to this agreement is the need to expand MASA’s ability to gain access to the US market as well as the need to address the growing trend of adding visual capabilities to constructive training systems.

For example, a SWORD user can now request an RPA asset to collect intelligence and this sortie can be simulated both within SWORD as well as visually. However, the integration of VBS3 in this exercise would give trainees a virtual three-dimensional view of the operation, seen through the RPA’s sensor systems.

‘The key driver behind this integration is to provide a more complete offering to the global training and simulation market, while maintaining cost effectiveness and ensuring low training overheads for our military customers,’ said David Chouraqui, CEO, MASA Group.

‘SWORD supports both military and civil exercises spanning all aspects of defence, civil security and emergency management, while BISim’s notable VBS technology already has a strong customer base in North America. There is great potential for developing this joint offering for future international military requirements.’

From BISim’s perspective, Arthur Alexion, the company’s Co-CEO, said that ‘together, SWORD and VBS3 will provide users with a joint training capability previously unavailable with any other product combination'.

'With VBS3 and SWORD users can train from commander through individual entity-level simulation at unprecedented levels of detail.’

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