I/ITSEC 2019: Top trends in military training and simulation (video)

29th November 2019 - 14:06 GMT | by Adam Wakeling in Orlando, Florida


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There is a continuing drive to push training into the virtual domain compared to the more expensive live domain.

Platform builders are viewing training more holistically with VR forming part of the product development, mission rehearsal and training processes to create improved military effect.

Technology continues to be enhanced to enable higher levels of fidelity and immersion in the virtual domain; a case in point being head mounted displays.

Over the past two years, much discussion has centred on AR and mixed reality but these terms are yet to be properly defined or their associated technologies deployed for training applications.

Modern technologies have the ability to change the way that the military conducts its training with a trend towards more tailored training directed at the individual’s learning style.

These themes will likely be central to discussions taking place at this year's I/ITSEC event in Orlando, Florida. Follow all Shephard's coverage here

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