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I/ITSEC 2019: DCS&S success for Pitch

27th November 2019 - 12:00 GMT | by Trevor Nash in London


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BAE Systems owned Pitch Technologies has been awarded a contract from the UK’s DOTC(A) Core System and Services (DCS&S) prime contractor, Boeing Defence UK, to deliver simulation infrastructure tools and services in support of the programme.

The seven year, £36 million ($46 million) DCS&S programme is designed to provide an initial network capable hub at the RAF’s Air Battlespace Training Centre at RAF Waddington. DOTC(A), or Defence Operational Training Capability (Air), is a long-term project that is designed to link together the RAF’s simulators onto one network.

According to the RAF, ‘the Defence Operational Training Capability (Air) (DOTC(A)) programme is the UK MoD's solution to the future of air centric collective synthetic training.

‘The DOTC(A) Programme aims to establish a series of networked synthetic mission training facilities to support the development and sustainment of the UK's Defence Capability.'

The service continued:‘The DOTC(A) Core System and Service (DCS&S) project will support the DOTC(A) Programme and enable distributed training by providing a common synthetic environment and a range of training delivery services, which will ensure coherence and interoperability across the DOTC(A) programme.’

Pitch will provide COTS software tools for simulation development, distributed real-time execution, data recording and synchronised playback in accordance with UK MOD’s strategic decision to aid interoperability by adopting High Level Architecture (HLA) protocols for modelling and simulation.

The company will also provide key software components for what it terms, ‘Cross-Domain Security (CDS)’, enabling training across different levels of information security.

‘Pitch Technologies is thrilled to support the Royal Air Force in its move to HLA, a move we are seeing around the world,’ said company president, Bjorn Moller.

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