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I/ITSEC 2016: CM Labs announces Vortex Studio

01st December 2016 - 13:01 by Grant Turnbull in Orlando

I/ITSEC 2016: CM Labs announces Vortex Studio

CM Labs Simulations has used this year’s I/ITSEC in Orlando, Florida, to showcase several applications for its new Vortex Studio simulation and visualisation software, as well as announcing an ‘essentials’ edition that is a free and open-source version.

On its stand at the exhibition, the company is showcasing a ship bridge simulator from the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN). This is powered by MARIN’s Dolphin platform, combining a CM Labs’ multibody dynamics engine, desktop applications and image generator with MARIN’s internally-developed hydrodynamics engine. 

Another system on display is a 550Truckplus Simulator by Doron Precision Systems, which utilises CM Labs’ vehicle simulation engine and image generation system. It was announced at the show that Doron – a company that develops simulators for emergency services and other sectors – had selected Vortex Studio as part of plans for expanding its portfolio into the mining sector.

Speaking to Shephard, Jean-Pierre Picard, CM Labs’ product marketing manager, explained that many of the processes – including mechanical modelling and distribution over hardware – that were previously ‘code-driven’ and requiring software engineers, were now relatively simple using the Vortex Studio desktop application.

‘Not all projects are the same, for that reason we offer a platform that uses a modular architecture and you can swap out any of the pieces,’ he explained. ‘You can use our own dynamics engines with our creation tools, but another visual system, or you can use our visual system and another engine.’

Taking MARIN for example, Picard said that the organisation specialises in hydrodynamics and complex maritime simulation, but creating the whole platform would be too resource intensive so it was easier for them to plug in to CM Labs’ solution.

‘This will not only save you time, but it will reduce dependency on software developers versus mechanical engineers,’ said Picard. ‘It allows the system integrators to focus on where they provide value, not where the software itself provides value. Ultimately, if the integrator is spending time on the platform they don’t spend time on the pedagogy.’

At I/ITSEC, it was announced that VT MÄK had selected Vortex Studio Essentials to power a high-fidelity vehicle simulation in their new VR-Engage multi-role virtual simulator. VR-Engage users will be able to download Vortex Studio so they are able to easily create their own vehicle and equipment.

CM Labs has also collaborated with developers D-Box to create a motion cueing system plug-in for Vortex Studio, which will reduce the time it takes to integrate a motion platform. It replaces the legacy code-driven approach with a simpler ‘plug-and-play’ approach.

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