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SOFIC 2017: Textron tests Fury against moving targets (video)

18th May 2017 - 15:27 by Grant Turnbull in Tampa

Textron Systems has successfully tested the Fury lightweight precision-guided glide munition against moving targets at Yuma Proving Grounds in Arizona, marking the completion of the weapon's development.

Fury underwent 13 test flights, accumulating a total of 23.8 flight hours between captive carriage, survey flights and ten weapon releases from a UAS.

Two tests were conducted from Textron’s Shadow UAS at an altitude of 8,000ft and a 1.5km standoff distance against a moving target. Both munitions were successful in hitting the target. According to the company, these results demonstrate end-to-end testing of the Fury weapon and improve both system and technology readiness level.

Fury uses a common interface for integration on multiple manned and unmanned platforms. The weapon’s tri-mode fusing - impact, height of burst and delay - enables a single Fury to address a broad target set, including static and moving light armoured vehicles, small boats and dismounted personnel according to the company. Fury is guided by GPS-guided inertial navigation with a semi-active laser terminal guidance for engagement of moving targets.

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