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DSEI 2019: Jankel premieres new light tactical vehicle

4th September 2019 - 11:20 GMT | by Andrew White in London


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Vehicle specialist Jankel will showcase its Light Tactical Transport Vehicle (LTTV) to the public for the first time at DSEI 2019 in London.

This follows the 4x4 LTTV being selected by the Belgian Ministry of Defence (MoD) under a €63.3 million ($7.31 million) contract signed in 2017 to provide 199 platforms for use by the Special Operations Regiment (SOR).

Shephard understands the vehicles will be delivered to the SOR between the end of 2019 and 2021. LTTVs will be used to support both domestic and international special operations.

Based on a Mercedes Unimog chassis, the LTTV is capable of featuring a series of removable mission modules which allow the special operation vehicle to be ‘re-roled rapidly for operational platform versatility’, a company statement explained. This will enable the vehicle to support the full spectrum of special operations including direct action; special reconnaissance; military assistance; and counter-terrorism.

LTTVs, which will replace the SOR’s legacy fleet of Unimog platforms, will provide vehicle crews with a maximum payload greater than 3t. The vehicle has been designed with ‘full interoperability’ with the SOR’s fleet of Jankel ‘Fox’ 4x4 Rapid Reaction Vehicles, already in service with Belgian SOF.

Capable of carrying up to six operators, LTTVs can also be transported inside the cargo holds of C-130 and A400M tactical transport aircraft. According to SOR sources, the MoD is seeking to procure a ‘specialised SOF aircraft’ between 2025-2027 which would be suitable to support the forward-deployment of LTTVs.

The LTTV can also feature a removable ballistic protection kit; a Roll-Over-Protection-System (ROPS); weapon mounts for automatic grenade launchers, light, medium and heavy machine guns as well as anti-tank munitions; as well as specialist communications and ISTAR mission suites.

The commander’s seat in the front cab as well as a rear mission module both feature swing arms and soft mounts suitable for 5.56mm and 7.62mm machine guns. A mission module weapon ring has also been integrated into the main cab, capable of supporting heavier support weapons including 12.7mm machine guns and automatic grenade launchers.

In its standard form factor, the LTTV is available in logistics, combat ambulance and troop transport configurations with protected cabs. However, SOR requirements also call for an ‘open-top’ special operations configuration to support long range reconnaissance and ground assault missions, providing special operations vehicle crews with enhanced levels in situation awareness.

Measuring 6.5m in length and 2.49m in width, the LTTV has a gross vehicle weight of 11.9t. Each vehicle features a 180l fuel tank providing a maximum operating range of approximately 850km.

‘Combining the strengths of a trusted OEM platform with militarised and mission specific tactical enhancements, Jankel’s LTTV has already attracted the attention of several other countries and is of particular interest to those already operating with the Mercedes Benz Unimog platform,’ the company stated.


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