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US Army tests laser targeting system

24th October 2017 - 13:30 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


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The US Army has tested a new Joint Effects Targeting System Target Laser Designation System (JETS-TLDS) at the Cold Regions Test Center in Alaska, it was announced on 19 October.

The JETS-TLDS is a modular advanced sensor suite of three components: a hand-held target location module, precision azimuth and vertical angle module, and laser marker module.The system enables forward observers (FOs) to quickly acquire and locate targets for any given fire mission, and provides 24/7 all-weather precision targeting and target-acquisition in support of dismounted operations.

Soldiers carried out testing to collect operational data on the system, with each test day involving ten hours of operational use and averaging 40 target acquisitions per FO team.

The test provided the FO teams an operationally realistic approach to detect, recognise and identify targets in a tactical environment. The soldiers were dropped off at a release point where they moved on foot over the mountainous Alaskan terrain at elevations between 1,000-2,500m to several different observation posts (OP). Upon arriving at each OP, they set up the system and established their location by using system self-location methods.

JETS-TLDS helps to determine the category of accuracy for each target location acquired by the FO. The system weighs approximately 20lbs including tripod and batteries.

Results of the testing will help inform a full rate production decision for the system.

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