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Transforming emerging requirements into reality (Sponsored)

18th October 2021 - 10:03 GMT | by Industry Spotlight


TAC FLIR 380X Thermal and Daylight Camera capturing the EOS R400S with the M230LF penetrating a tank hull dead center at 463 meters.

Class-leading size, weight, power and cost with unmatched precision.

This article is brought to you by EOS.

The EOS Defense Systems USA (EOS) team will be out in force at this year’s AUSA 2021 Annual Meeting (11-13 October) showcasing its market-leading precision remote weapon stations; the R150S, R400S and the newly developed R600 Missile Carrier.

EOS is an industry leader in remote weapon station (RWS) technology and manufacturing. The company continuously invests to improve currently fielded and developing systems. EOS has built a strong reputation as a provider of weapon systems technology for over 25 years both to the USA and Allied countries.

When the first round matters, we always keep the warfighter first!

The R400S provides the U.S. Military with a critical capability in the modern, near-peer fight allowing for the employment of precise medium caliber firepower to counter potential future adversaries on the battlefield. The class-leading RWS supports single or dual weapons from 5.56mm MG to 30x113mm cannon. In dual configuration the R400S mounts both 30mm and 7.62mm weapons. All configurations can mount an ATGM (e.g. Javelin or Spike). The EOS family of weapon stations share software that factors in the characteristics of the ammunition and platform, recognizes the performance parameters of the integrated weapon, considers position and orientation of the vehicle and atmospheric conditions. The systems compensate for all of these elements and are effective against all targets, whether stationary or moving from a platform, with accuracy out to 1500 meters, adding the ability to hit targets very reliably out past 2000 meters. EOS partners with manufacturers to combine their weapons with its RWS to optimize the interaction - result is outstanding performance.

The R400S is currently in service with the Australian Defence Force and seven international customers.

EOS R400S with the Javelin missile, M230LF 30mm cannon and M240B MG 

EOS R150S with the M2 .50 cal MG

The EOS lighter RWS variant, the R150S, is the world’s lightest mount capable of supporting MGs up to 12.7mm. Both the R400S and R150S share a common vehicle and user interface and carry a surveillance grade day/thermal sensor package.  Fully stabilised for sub-milliradian accuracy from static or moving platforms, the range significantly enhances vehicle lethality. 

See First, Shoot First, Kill First.

At the recent Crew Served Weapons (CSW) Industry Range Day EOS successfully demonstrated the precise lethality of its RWS to U.S. Military observers. The first-time event, which included a live fire and static display, was sponsored the office of the Product Manager, Crew Served Weapons, from Picatinny Arsenal, New Jersey, and included participation from members of the U.S. Army, Air Force, Marines and SOCOM.

The R400S / M230LF combination was the only 30mm system demonstrated to achieve precise target hits with every round fired regardless of range. 

EOS exhibited signature RWS precision by placing accurate bursts, at high-rate of fire, on successive targets at multiple ranges.  The R400S also demonstrated how it transforms the trademark firepower of the Dillon Aero M134D (M134D) into a devastating point engagement system, its integration significantly reduces rounds expended and increases stowed kills.

EOS took full advantage of this unique opportunity to showcase its world class RWS systems mounting two medium-gimbal R400S RWS on HMMWVs, one firing the Northrop Grumman percussion-primed M230LF 30x113mm Cannon and the other the M134D 7.62mm Gatling Machine Gun.

R600 Missile Carrier (MC), Tailorable Lethality

EOS’ R600 MC is a robust RWS providing the U.S. Warfighter with a medium-caliber system that can accommodate a 30 x 113mm cannon, 7.62mm coax with the added anti-armor punch of four Javelin missiles. Due to the rise of the nonlinear battlefield and the introduction of technologies such as the UAV into the threat mix, the R600 MC was developed by EOS with the cooperation of the Javelin Joint Venture (JJV) to provide anti-armor overmatch with the firepower to engage and defend itself against a wide range of other threats. EOS plans to conduct a live fire evaluation of this system at the US Army’s Redstone Test Center in Huntsville, Alabama at the end of 2021.

EOS dual take down of tank and UAV with R600 Javelin Missile Carrier and M230LF 

To continue the conversation visit the EOS Booth #1431 for more information on the EOS family of RWS. EOS RWS will also be on display at the GM Booth #249 and the Team Defence Australia Booth #7319. Contact us at  or visit our website at

EOS Defense Systems USA, Inc., headquartered in its 80,000 ft2 manufacturing facility in Huntsville, Alabama, is part of Electro Optic Systems , a leading ASX-listed Australian owned and operated defense, space and communications company that has designed, manufactured and exported advanced technology systems for land, sea and space for over 35 years.

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