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PzH 2000 self-propelled howitzer reenters production in Germany

4th June 2024 - 08:40 GMT | by Christopher F Foss


KNDS Deutschland’s PzH 2000 155mm/52 calibre self-propelled system, shown here with ordnance elevated, has become the only conventional tube artillery used by the German Army. (Photo: KNDS Deutschland)

The Panzerhaubitze 2000 has returned to the production line for the fourth time following orders for the German Army and Ukraine.

The KNDS Deutschland Panzerhaubitze 2000 (PzH 2000) 155mm/52 cal tracked self-propelled howitzer (SPH) has been placed back into production at the company’s facility in Kassel, Germany, with first deliveries due in mid-2025.

The announcement has marked the fourth time the PzH 2000 has entered production with new orders received from the German Army and Ukraine. In addition to combat use in Ukraine the PzH 2000 has also been deployed to Afghanistan.

The manufacturer has received contracts to supply the German Army with a total of 22 systems, with another option for a further six units. According to Shephard’s sources “there are thoughts to procure additional PzH 2000” on top of those orders already received.

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The chassis for the latest batch of PzH 2000 will be supplied by Rheinmetall from its Kassel facility.

The new PzH 2000 will replace the 14 supplied to Ukraine from German Army stocks, although the Royal Netherlands Army has also supplied eight to Ukraine’s defence forces.

Speaking at Defence IQ’s Future Artillery conference in Paris last month, Anton M Achmueller, marketing manager – combat systems for KNDS Deutschland, stated: “So far, there have been no total losses of PzH 2000 in the Ukraine.”

Germany has funded an initial 18 new PzH 2000 for Ukraine and it additional contracts will be expected to be placed in the future for a total figure of 100 units rumoured.

The last of 185 PzH 2000s for the German Army were delivered from the Kassel production line in 2002 and it will be expected that many of the remaining PzH 2000 will go through a mid-life upgrade (MLU).

The MLU will include replacing obsolete sub-systems, as well as potentially including a fully automatic ammunition handing system. At present, the modular charge system (MCS) must be manually loaded and full automation would enable the crew to be reduced by up to two personnel.

KNDS Deutschland has suggested a number of options for existing and new PzH 2000 including a roof-mounted remote weapon station (RWS) armed with a 7.62mm or 12.7mm machine gun (MG); cameras for enhanced situational awareness; a crew climate system to use in all ambient temperatures with the system installed on the front right side of the turret; and enhanced top-attack protection for the turret.

Further future developments could include the potential replacing of the current 155mm/52 cal Rheinmetall gun with a L52A1 version made from stronger materials to enable higher firing pressures. Rheinmetall has also been working on a 155mm L60 barrel to enable longer ranges to be achieved.

The maximum range of the current 155mm L52 barrel can depend on a number of factors but has been said to be 25km firing a L15A1 high-explosive (HE) projectile, 30km firing a DM111/DM120 projectile and 54km firing a South African Denel Munitions Velocity Enhanced Artillery Projectile (VLAP). This can be extended to 60km with a Rheinmetall extended range charge.

It can also fire the Diehl/Leonardo Vulcano guided projectile out to a maximum range of 80km.

PzH 2000 has been successfully demonstrated in coastal defence roles and a PzH 2000 driver trainer has also previously been manufactured.

Previous PzH 2000 orders



Additional comments



Sourced from German Army stocks.



Brand new, final deliveries 2002 (14 sent to Ukraine)



Brand new, final deliveries due late-2024



Brand new



Two sent from Germany, with the rest built under licence by OtoMelara (now Leonardo)



From German Army stocks



Brand new, 14 sent to Ukraine



Brand new



Sent from Germany and Netherlands

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