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IDEX 2019: Ukraine Armor looks to MENA region for exports

11th February 2019 - 12:00 GMT | by Michal Jarocki in Warsaw


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The Ukrainian Armor company will display its Varta 4x4 APCs at IDEX 2019 as it tries to earn its place on international markets after securing its first export customer for the Varta.

The company will deliver a batch of Varta 4x4 APCs to Nigeria under the first export contract for this platform, confrimed Aleksandr Kuzma, CEO of the Ukrainian Armor company. The shipment of an unspecified number of vehicles is to be made from the port of Odessa, Ukraine.

According to Kuzma, the company is already negotiating another export agreement, with a possible delivery of Varta 4x4 APCs to Saudi Arabia.

During IDEX 2019 the company will showcase its newest version of the Varta 4x4 APC along with other products, including the Novator 4x4 rapid intervention vehicle, mortars and various types of ammunition.

The vehicles destine for Nigeria are likely to be used in patrol, troop transport and combat roles, supporting Nigerian forces in their struggle against the Boko Haram and other Islamic militant organisations.

Varta 4x4 APC features a commander and driver along with capacity for eight dismounts and provides a STANAG 4569 level 2 protection against 7.62mm firearms.

The Ukrainian Armor started to pursue export opportunities for its Varta 4x4 family of vehicles, which also include a command post or medical evacuation variant, after having transferred a number of platforms to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, with latest deliveries taking place in late 2018.

The company appears to perceive MENA region as one of the most promising markets that offers numerous export possibilities due to a number of nations with urgent modernisation requirements, but limited investment budgets. These potential buyers are therefore ideally suited to acquire tested and proven but affordable wheeled platforms for combat operations

According to the manufacturer, the Varta 4x4 APC is built on a 4x4 two-axle truck base. The vehicle uses a V-shaped hull structure to accommodate anti-mine seats, giving crew members protection to withstand the detonation of charges up to 6kg of TNT. A 6-cylinder, V-type, turbocharged, 270-300hp diesel engine allows the vehicle to achieve a maximum road speed of 120 km/h and maximum range of 1250 km. 

The vehicle is equipped with a roof mounted gunner station for various types of 7.62mm or 12.7mm machine guns. 

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