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DSEI 2019: Systematic introduces 3D functionality

12th September 2019 - 14:50 GMT | by Andrew White in London


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Danish defence company Systematic will integrate a three-dimension (3D) capability into its SitaWare Edge command and control (C2) solution, officials have disclosed to Shephard at DSEI.

Systematic displayed a technology demonstrator of the 3D-enabled SitaWare Edge product at its stand at the exhibition in London on 10th September. Integrated on board an agnostic end user device, the upgrade has been designed to support the operational requirements of dismounted close combat personnel working at the lowest tactical edge on the battlefield.

SitaWare Edge’s 3D functionality will be made available to existing customers by the middle of 2020, company officials confirmed to Shephard. Customers will be able to access the new upgrade free of charge through a software upgrade, it was added.

Current customers using the Android-based SitaWare Edge solution include the Danish Army, Finnish Defence Forces, and the Slovenian Army. Senior Austrian Army officers have also previously stated that the system is in service with Austrian special operations forces, Jagdkommando. 

Systematic’s upgrade forms part of a wider move by the company to provide a uniform capability across its entire suite of C2 offerings which includes SitaWare ‘Headquarters’ and ‘Frontline’ products. SitaWare Headquarters was the first C2 product to feature 3D functionality with Systematic sources disclosing how SitaWare Frontline products will also be supported with the same capability in the future.

Elsewhere, Systematic continues to upgrade its SitaWare suite of products, all of which are powered by SitaWare Tactical Communications (STC) protocol, with upgraded mapping software to provide optimised visuals to end users. Upgrades are designed to increase ease of use; reduce training requirements; and provide end users with a more rapid solution. 

Speaking to Shephard at DSEi on 10 September, a company spokesperson explained: ‘The potential for information overload is very real on dismounted operations, as is the risk of becoming “lost” in a system’s interface’.

'Dismounts typically operate in conditions where communications can be limited by terrain and other physical factors, they also need systems that are capable of working in C2 Denied or Degraded Environments – especially in warfare with a near-peer,’ the spokesperson continued.

‘STC automatically optimises the use of bandwidth and recognises when it is not possible to transmit the requisite information await for windows of opportunity to do so. It is also configured to transmit large volumes of data over limited bandwidth, such as via HF communications,’ it was concluded.

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