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PreTalen to continue to PANACEA development

16th May 2018 - 11:30 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


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PreTalen has received a $23.9 million contract from the US Air Force to develop an automated platform that analyses wireless communication systems.

Under the contract, PreTalen will modify the Position Navigation and Time (PNT) Autonomous Negotiator Applying Cognitive Effects-Based Analysis system, known as PANACEA, to include a signals-based testing framework.

The PANACEA system provides a research asset and algorithms to quickly, quantitatively and confidently assess the vulnerabilities of PNT systems.  PNT systems combine three distinct capabilities including the ability to accurately and precisely determine one's location and orientation; the ability to determine current and desired position and to apply a course, orientation or speed to reach a position; and the ability to maintain accurate and precise time from a standard anywhere in the world.

By applying automation algorithms and cognitive analysis, PANACEA reveals a PNT system's strengths and weaknesses. By using commercial off the shelf simulators and coding the interfaces of the PNT systems, PANACEA can be used by military users to evaluate their PNT systems.

The US Army adopted PANACEA as its principal test asset supporting the army’s PNT System of Systems Architecture (SoSA) testing of GPS receivers in 2015, and PreTalen was awarded a $6.6 million contract for the procurement and delivery of 14 PANACEA systems for use in the test programme.

The company is scheduled to complete the project by 30 March 2023.

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