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LAAD 2011: Rada unveils new member of radar family

12th April 2011 - 20:26 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


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Israeli defence electronics company Rada has unveiled a new phased array ground and air surveillance radar at LAAD 2011.

The RHS-30 Multimode Hemisphere Surveillance Radar (MHSR) is a new member Rada’s family of pulse doppler, AESA, solid state radars, utilised for active protection systems, perimeter defence and, with this new radar, air and ground surveillance.

Dov Sella, VP marketing and sales, told Shephard that like the company's other radars the RHS-30 'delivers a high performance, but affordable solution'. The MHSR combines four individual elements. Each element covers a sector of 90° and can operate independently.

The MHSR provides almost full hemispheric coverage of ground and air surveillance over 360° in azimuth, and 80° in elevation at ranges of over 20km. Sella said that the company was already producing one of the radars for a homeland security application aimed at detecting light aircraft.

He added that the MHSR, a term unique to Rada, offers a complete force protection solution and that as a multi-mode system it can be tailored to fit a variety of threat profiles from crawling intruders to slow moving UAVs.

The company is also exhibiting its RHS-20 perimeter security radar, which operates in the C-Band, is designed to detect a variety of targets at ranges between 6km and 10km. The radar weighs less than 15kg and is designed to be integrated with a wider perimeter security network. The company is currently looking for a customer to move the system from the development phase to active trials.

Sella said that there had also been interest in the Latin American market for its RHS-10 radar, which is designed for the vehicle active protection system (APS) market. The radar is an integral part of IMI's Iron Fist APS, which has been trialled by a number of countries.

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