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DSEI 2017: Israeli counter-IED solution ready

5th September 2017 - 11:09 GMT | by Joe Charlaff in Jerusalem


Israel Aerospace Industries’ Elta division expects its counter IED and mine suite (CIMS), which protects tactical vehicles against the threat of IEDs, to be ready for commercial sale by the end of this year.

The solution consists of a large rectangular multi-sensor system that is placed on the front of an armoured vehicle, which then detects and destroys hidden explosive devices from a distance.

It comprises an above-surface detection system (ADS), and underground mine and IED detection system (MIDS), with the latter still in development.

The ADS includes a side-looking synthetic aperture radar, high-resolution optical detection system and an infrared (IR) multispectral investigation system. MIDS comprises a ground penetrating radar and a magnetic detector.

‘Our division decided to develop a system for detecting IEDs as a solution to an increasing worldwide problem, and that the solution should be centred around a moving vehicle,’ said an IAI Elta spokesperson.

He added: ‘It’s a difficult situation because when you are moving in the field there are a variety of different surfaces requiring the use of a camera, radar, and IR sensors.’

‘Our solution attempts to combine these technologies which provides the automatic detection capability,’ he added.

Speaking on the level of technological readiness of the CMIS, IAI Elta told Shephard that most of the development had been completed. 

‘We are presently testing it in the field under different conditions, such as varying surfaces – rocky, smooth, and are updating its capabilities all the time.  In the operational trials the system has successfully displayed the capabilities of automatic detection in both flat and mountainous terrain.’

The spokesperson added that they intend to further develop the system by incorporating more sensors and have already begun development of the infrared sensor.

The system activates an automatic alarm indicating the presence of an object that requires further investigation. It also includes investigation tools to verify whether it is an IED or not. 

‘The system will be suitable for installation on a variety of platforms and can be adapted for use on any vehicle. We have already tried it out over a period of several days on three different types of vehicle,’ he said.

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