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Australian Defence Innovation Hub awards contracts

20th July 2018 - 06:30 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


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The Australian Defence Innovation Hub has awarded new contracts worth a combined $3.07 million for the development of new defence technologies, the Australian Ministry of Defence announced on 18 July.

Under a $1.23 million contract, Saber Astronautics will continue to develop machine learning technology for autonomous identification and modelling of electronic threats. This work could provide an ability to quantify signal threat characteristics which could be used to help protect defence systems.

Synthesis Technologies has received a contract to explore a high resolution mapping technology to provide 3D situational awareness and mapping to defence on a global scale, including in deep-water oceans. The proposed innovation could provide real-time visualisation streamed to defence desktops, mobile devices and virtual and augmented reality platforms.

SYPAQ Systems will explore a handheld imaging device capable of blending different types of imagery together in real time under its contract. The technology has potential to be mounted on UAS and assist the Australian defence force with the detection of improvised explosive devices.

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