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Analysis: China’s CETC unveils new radars

16th November 2017 - 23:58 GMT | by Wendell Minnick in Taipei


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China is rapidly developing radar and identification, friend and foe (IFF) systems through extensive research and development. Indeed, China is offering lessons learned to the international market as export defence items. 

This became obvious after Shephard reviewed product literature acquired at last week’s Defense & Security 2017 exhibition in Bangkok.

The first was the ground-based I/J-band SW-R6 Near Field Monitoring Radar used to detect ground moving targets such as crowds and vehicles on the battlefield. It has a panoramic can mode of 350° with a range of 14-28km. It can be man-packed or vehicle mounted.

The second was the X-band RC-319 Low-Altitude Target Searching Radar used detecting low altitude and very-low altitude targets, including unmanned aerial vehicles, helicopters, and low-flying fixed wing aircraft. The radar can be man-packed and has a maximum operational range 16km.

The third was the X-band stationary tripod-mounted RC-302 ground surveillance radar with a range of 6-12km. The fourth was the I/J-band ground-based SW-R6 near field monitoring radar that provides a panoramic 360 radius for monitoring soldiers, tanks and helicopters. 

The final radar ...

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