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Lockheed receives MMSF testbed contract

19th October 2017 - 09:30 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


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Lockheed Martin will develop a Multi-Modal Sensor Fusion (MMSF) testbed for helicopters under a $12 million contract from the US Army, the company announced on 17 October.

The effort seeks technologies that enhance rotary-wing aircraft survivability by enabling pilots to navigate safely in all environments, even when GPS is unavailable. The MMFS algorithms blend data from multiple sensor types to restore a pilot's situational awareness in degraded visual environments (DVEs).

The 40-month contract will see Lockheed Martin incorporate government-furnished sensors in a reconfigurable, open-architecture testbed that supports the development of DVE systems for rotorcraft. Other activities will include refining multi-modal fusion techniques and real-time 3D mapping, implementing symbols and cues for pilot sensor displays.

MMSF blends sensor data to generate real-time 3D terrain maps of the area around the aircraft — maps that can identify and highlight obstacles to improve situational awareness for pilots, mission commanders and other platforms.

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