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Dubai Airshow 2017: AVIC tight-lipped on presence

14th November 2017 - 08:11 GMT | by Helen Haxell in Dubai


Aviation Corporation of China (AVIC) has a strong presence of rotary and UAV models at the Dubai Airshow.    

One of the small-scale models on display is the Z-19E attack helicopter. The light armed attack helicopter made its debut at the China helicopter Exposition in 2015.

The 4t rotorcraft has a 4,250kg takeoff weight and excluding pilots and fuel it has a 892kg payload. The aircraft’s maximum speed in air to ground attack configuration, according to company literature, is marketed as 245km/h.

Its maximum range at sea level is 646km and endurance is 4h.

The Z-19E undertook its maiden flight in May of this year. The aircraft carried out hovering manoeuvres, close ground-effect manoeuvring and low passes to demonstrate its performance.

The holding company has had strong presence around the globe at numerous shows.

Notably, at Paris Airshow in June of this year AVIC took its portfolio of UAV systems.

In Paris, a company official commented it had the opportunity to connect further with its international customers at that show; in particular, Africa and the Gulf were mentioned in this regard.

On the latter, it is no surprise that they have brought the Wing Loong portfolio to Dubai. 

When approached by Shephard, AVIC officials declined to comment on the systems being showcased in Dubai.

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