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JLENS shares intelligence with NORAD C2 system

14th October 2014 - 10:00 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


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Raytheon has completed a series of laboratory tests to demonstrate the JLENS radar’s capability to be integrated into North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). The company reported on 13 October that data collected by JLENS can be shared with NORAD’s command and control system.

JLENS is scheduled to be installed at Aberdeen Proving Grounds later in 2014 where it will be under the control of NORAD-US Northern Command.

Raytheon's Dave Gulla, vice president of Integrated Defense Systems' Global Integrated Sensors business area, said: ‘The lab tests proved that information from JLENS can be converted into a format that can be used by NORAD's command and control system.

‘With JLENS providing data to NORAD, our military will have a more accurate picture of what is flying in the national capital region's airspace, and be able to identify slow-and-low flying threats such as cruise missiles and drones.’

JLENS is a system of two aerostats that float 10,000ft in the air and remain aloft and operational for 30 days. The system provides 360-degrees of defensive radar coverage, and can detect and track threats – including cruise missiles, drones and aircraft - from up to 340 miles away. JLENS also provides ascent phase detection of tactical ballistic missiles and large-calibre rockets.

The JLENS to be installed at Aberdeen Proving Grounds will be operated by soldiers of the US Army's A Battery, 3rd Air Defense Artillery.  A second JLENS system is in strategic reserve, ready to be deployed anywhere in the world at the request of combatant commanders, should they require comprehensive cruise missile defence.

JLENS, which completed developmental testing in December 2013, has also demonstrated its ability to integrate with defensive systems and help Patriot, AMRAAM, NASAMS and Standard Missile 6 intercept cruise missile targets.

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