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ITEC 2017: USAF aeromedical on motion

16th May 2017 - 13:00 by Trevor Nash in Gilze Rijen

ITEC 2017: USAF aeromedical on motion

CAE has confirmed that the C-130 Aeromedical Evacuation Training System (AETS) for the US Air Force at Dobbins Air Reserve Base is now on-motion, fully operational and ready-for-training.

The company said that the addition of a six degrees-of-freedom motion platform for an AETS fuselage trainer is believed to be the first-of-its-kind in the world and will now provide US Air Force aeromedical evacuation personnel with a more realistic training environment.

The AETS device allows aeromedical teams to undertake, pre-flight, normal and emergency procedures and in-flight patient care training.

The electric motion system that has now been fitted to the trainer replicates the vibrations and turbulence often encountered during take-off, landing, and in-flight, thus delivering a more immersive and realistic aeromedical training environment.

The 14,000lb (6,350kg) payload now moves across all six-degrees-of-freedom, including three rotational degrees of freedom (roll, pitch, yaw) and three linear degrees of freedom (surge, heave, sway).

As well as the AETS simulator, the device also includes human patient simulators from CAE Healthcare, including a portable instructor operator station to provide full control and customisation of a number of aeromedical training scenarios.

'We are pleased to partner with the US Air Force to provide the world's first motion-based aeromedical trainer that will help ensure aeromedical aircrews are fully prepared for the critical aeromedical evacuation mission,' said Ray Duquette, president and general manager, at CAE USA.

'This programme showcases CAE's innovation and our ability to leverage our training systems integration expertise to help military customers enhance safety, efficiency and readiness.'

CAE has already developed AETS for the C-17 and KC-135. These new training devices, to be delivered later in 2017, will also feature a motion system and include partial replicas of both the C-17 and KC-135 fuselages outfitted for the aeromedical evacuation mission.

Again, CAE Healthcare will provide high-fidelity patient simulators, instructors and training support services.

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