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I/ITSEC 2016: DOTI expands glass mirror production capability

29th November 2016 - 18:41 by Trevor Nash in Orlando

I/ITSEC 2016: DOTI expands glass mirror production capability

Displays & Optical Technologies Inc (DOTI) has used I/ITSEC 2016 to announce that it is expanding its glass mirror production capability at is facility in Georgetown, Texas.

Used in display systems, the new manufacturing capability will enable the company to manufacture mirrors with large fields-of-view (FOV) for military and commercial simulation customers. The company says that its new facility will increase its total manufacturing area by 150%.

The company is currently in the process of completing the installation of upgraded machinery and ovens to manufacture mirrors up to 11 feet in radius with a 60 degree FOV. The company says that its aim is to manufacture more than 100 large mirrors each year in response to customer requests.

The expansion will allow DOTI to increase its formed optics (precision slumped glass) size capability as well as the ability to grind and polish such optics and in the future, addressing the need for even larger mirrors, both curved and flat.

The company said that it is in discussions with a number of customers and deliveries are expected to commence in Q2 2017.

Glass remains the ideal material for very large displays because of its optical fidelity and reflective qualities.
At present, FlightSafety International is the major supplier of mirrors to the simulation industry according to DOTI and and the company clearly wants to increase the competition by manufacturing large diameter mirrors itself.

One interesting question to consider concerns Esterline Treality which announced earlier in the year that they were under contract to replace the visual displays on some of the US Navy’s MH-60 simulators. Esterline has told Shephard that the mirrors for use in the project do not come from DOTI or FSI. One supply source might be from Asia although Esterline will not comment on their source.

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