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Shoulder-fired anti-tank munitions create a decisive advantage in modern day conflicts

14th May 2024 - 12:30 GMT | by Industry Spotlight

Addressing the requirements for lightweight yet highly effective shoulder-fired munitions for small tactical units, Dynamit Nobel Defence (DND) provides the combat proven RGW series.

This article is brought to you by Dynamit Nobel Defence

RGW (Recoilless Grenade Weapon) is a technologically advanced and unrivaled shoulder launched weapon concept. It encompasses a variety of recoilless, shoulder-fired, single-soldier operated, single-use weapons for anti-tank, anti-structure and multipurpose uses. These munitions are designed to be operated against a wide spectrum of targets and offer different firing modes for maximum flexibility. They feature the latest technology developments in the field of interior, exterior and terminal ballistics. Many international armed forces and services have already made the choice to equip their warfighters with DND’s combat-proven munitions.

RGW munitions come in 60mm, 90mm and 110mm calibers. All variants work after the Davis Gun principle: A propellant powder is located inside the launch tube between the projectile and a counter mass. On firing, the projectile and the counter mass leave the launch tube in opposite directions resulting in little or no recoil of the weapon. The counter mass is dispersed in a dust cloud within meters of exit. After the projectile has left the launch tube the drag of the projectile is compensated by a small rocket motor. This results in a flat trajectory, a reduced flight to target time and the minimization of crosswind sensitivity.

RGWs are one-shot weapons to be fully disposed of after use. All munitions can be safely fired from enclosures and confined space. The required minimum room size is incredibly small, compared to competitor’s systems. It goes without saying that all variants are all-weather and all-climate suitable.

Mission Spectrum

A variety of munition types for various engagement scenarios is available across all three calibers:

  • Anti-Tank (Mono and tandem)
  • Anti-Armor
  • Anti-Structure
  • Anti-Personnel (Long range precision airburst / counter defilade)
  • Smoke
  • Illumination (IR and visual)
  • Practice

    Key capabilities of RGW design

    • Recoilless system: The Davis Gun principle practically eliminates any recoil for the operator and therefore minimizes shooting errors. RGW munitions have full FFE (Fire from Enclosure) capability, which is paramount in urban operations.
    • Precision at long combat distances: Due to a flat trajectory, and the rocket motor eliminating effects of cross-winds, first hit probability is excellent across all RGW munition types. Some variants can be fired at ranges of up to 1200 meters.
    • Unmatched warhead performance: RGW munitions provide excellent target defeat against armored vehicles and battle tanks, and firepower against opponents behind structural barriers and within fortified positions.
    • Easy handling: The firing unit is designed exactly like that of an assault rifle. Firing is as easy as unfolding the pistol grips, operating the safety lever and pulling the trigger. No operator crew is needed and no specialized and dedicatedly trained gunner. Every soldier within the fire team or squad can pick up the weapon immediately and engage the threat on the battlefield. Even under combat conditions and stress.
    • Full training support: The easy-handling-concept leads to minimum training time and costs as RGW training can be included into basic training of the military. DND provides excellent training assets and support for achieving and sustaining combat readiness with industry training teams, sub- and full caliber training weapons, handling trainers and 3D virtual simulation systems.
    • Cost effectiveness: RGW munitions are 100% maintenance-free. They can be stored throughout the whole life cycle and will be ready out-of-the-box when needed. Because of the minimal shooter training required, and long shelf life of the munitions, there is no necessity of regular restocking of ammunition. One purchase lot of RGW munitions enables combat readiness of many years.

    Battlefield success in modern conflicts

    The relevance of these capabilities is also evident these days in the example of the Ukraine conflict, in which a serious imbalance of forces between conventional armed forces has been virtually eliminated, not least by the massive use of shoulder-fired anti-tank weapons on the supposedly inferior side. This significantly deprives mechanized large units of offensive momentum and denies the enemy the ability to achieve operational objectives. The performance record of anti-tank weapons - ultimately significantly less expensive and many times easier to handle than their designated targets - remains impressive.

    Battlefield complexity in modern theaters is increasing, and so is the need for robust, well-trained and well-equipped small tactical units that can exercise control and fire superiority within areas of operation. Versatile and highly effective shoulder-fired assets are part of the required toolkit for such scenarios.

    Therefore, demand from international armed forces for our RGW munitions is expanding constantly. Several key customers and partners have recently entered into long-term relationships with DND, and investments into national and international production capabilities have been made. Via joint procurement alliances from the growing user community, or flexible framework agreements, DND can provide RGW munitions in small and large quantities alike. Dynamit Nobel Defence is ready to provide much needed shoulder-launched firepower to address today’s and tomorrow’s requirements.

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