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Leonardo highlights Soldato Sicuro's advanced technology (sponsored)

11th November 2020 - 09:00 GMT | by Industry Spotlight

According to Leonardo, the Soldato Sicuro system’s ergonomic design and advanced tecnology make it ideal for armed forces worldwide.

This article is brought to you by Leonardo.

Complex operational scenarios, where conventional threats are combined with asymmetrical ones, call for the use of high-tech equipment which allow operators to act effectively and safely.

Through the "Sistema Soldato Sicuro" Consortium, Leonardo and the Pietro Beretta S.p.A. have come together to propose an integrated solution to international Armed Forces. The Soldato Sicuro System is a set of ergonomic, modular and scalable equipment that maximises the performance of operators on the battlefield, delivering full control of the tactical scenario.

The system features equipment in four main groups: "survival", "protection", "lethality and precision of engagement", "C4ISTAR and night mobility”.

The "survival" component includes various items of clothing, in standard, "Flame Retardant" (FR) and "cold" options for harsh climates. The "protection" component includes a helmet, , an ergonomic bulletproof vest, and the latest-generation NBCR KIT.

The "lethality and precision of engagement" component includes a series of light weapons and associated tracking systems. The most important weapon is the Beretta ARX-160 assault rifle in caliber 5.56x45 NATO.

There is also the Beretta ARX-200 shotgun for expert shooters (or even Battle Rifle) caliber 7.62x51 NATO, the VICTRIX SCORPIO sniper rifle (caliber .338 Lapua Magnum), producted by Beretta, and the Rifle Grenade Launcher, Beretta GLX-160 in caliber 40x46SR. The system includes two new 9x19 Parabellum caliber weapons, the APX gun and the PMX submachine gun.


 The AXR-160 assault rifle is equipped with the "Triode" tracking system, a versatile system that maximizes the user’s view of the operating field. It comprises 3 elements: daytime optics, a thermal imaging camera and a laser sight/illuminator. They can be mounted on the assault rifle separately or simultaneously depending on the operational context. The ARX-200 rifle, or Designated Marksman, is equipped with the ICS (Intelligent Combat Sight) electro-optical sighting system. The ICS combines 6x40 shooting optics with effectiveness between 300 and 800m, a laser rangefinder (class 1) and a ballistic calculator, all in a compact system. The ICS is able to immediately provide a firing solution for the target, taking into account the ammunition’s ballistic features, the distance to the target and its angle at distances up to 800m.

The "C4ISTAR and night mobility" component, which is part of the "communications" component, includes Leonardo's new SDR Hand Held Evolution radio, which is software-defined and fully compatible with new waveforms such as the new Narrow band. Among the smallest and lightest radios on the market, the SDR Hand Held Evolution is a highly flexible and versatile solution.

The sub-component "maneuver and night mobility" includes a NVG (Night Vision Goggle) individual light-intensifying visor. Several trials are also underway, paving the way towards latest- generation visors. The package also includes “NOX", an handheld observation, acquisition and location system which facilitates operations 24 hours a day, even in the most adverse conditions. The “NOX” system can also geo-localise targets using advanced technologies which combine the measurements from the DMC (Digital Magnetic Compass), the distance from the target measured by the integrated LRF (Laser Range Finder) and the latitude and longitude coordinates of the observation point (GPS).



The “command and control” sub-component features a “user friendly” TC2 (Tactical Command and Control) system displayed on a ruggedized 7” screen. Derived from Leonardo's TCCK (Targeting and Communication Command Kit) system, it is based on pre-formatted VMF messaging.

The “Soldato Sicuro” System has already been chosen by Italian Army with an initial contract covering equipment for 20,000 soldiers.

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