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Eurosatory 2018: Patria launches new 6x6 armoured vehicle

11th June 2018 - 15:00 GMT | by Alice Budge in Paris


Patria has launched a new multirole armoured transport vehicle, the successor to the company’s XA-180 Pasi APC.

Unveiled at Eurosatory 2018, the vehicle is the latest addition to Patria’s family of armoured vehicles, which includes the Patria AMV 8x8.

Designed using the same chassis structure as the AMV, the vehicle is driven using all three axles and can be integrated with a range of weapon systems, such as the Patria Nemo 120mm mortar system.

'This is the new version of the 6x6... which has a totally new power line and under carriage system,' Kari Grön, senior VP, engineering at Patria told Shephard. 

Capable of transporting ten troops in addition to up to three crew, the new 6x6 boasts enhanced protection standards compared with the Pasi XA-180 APC due to its greater payload capacity.

While mobility testing of the vehicle in different conditions is ongoing, Grön explained that the vehicle is expected to be well received due to its ease of use and affordability.

'We think there is a need for this kind of quite simple, easy to use, easy to operate vehicle, we think that this is very affordable for our customers,' he said.

'We have done a lot of mobility testing and we are continuing with these tests. We have already tested it during the winter, tested in very cold conditions, mine testing and ballistic testing... we have some new tests going on at the moment.'

The launch of the new vehicle comes at an auspicious time as demand for new 6x6 vehicles strengthens within Europe as legacy vehicles, including the XA-180, begin to be phased out.

While some nations have opted to upgrade their fleets of XA-180s, such as Finland which is in the second phase of its major midlife upgrade programme for its fleet of 6x6 APCs, others are expected to pursue acquisitions of new models.

Estonia, Sweden and Norway - all current operators of the XA-180 - are believed to be evaluating future requirements for their 6x6 fleets which will determine if the nations invest in midlife upgrades or the acquisition of new vehicles.

‘There has long been demand on the market for a successor to the Pasi armoured personnel carrier,’ Janne Räkköläinen, vice president, vehicle systems, Patria land business unit, said in a company statement.

‘The new 6X6 brings the basic principles behind its predecessor into the present day, with its multifunctional transport capacity and modularity that adapts easily to the customer's needs.’

The 6x6 configuration offers users a midway solution between a more agile 4x4 and the heavier 8x8 vehicles. The French Army has opted for the newly designed Griffon 6x6 VBMR, followed by Belgium with an order of 417 units in 2017.

Patria’s new vehicle reaches STANAG level 4 protection against heavy machine gun fire and, according to the company, up to 10kg of mine protection can be achieved.

The platform can reach speeds of up to 100km/h with a fording depth of 1.5m and the option of an amphibious configuration.

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