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D&S 2017: Aselsan ups the tempo with SARP-M134

8th November 2017 - 02:00 GMT | by Gordon Arthur in Bangkok


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Aselsan unveiled a new remote-controlled weapon station (RWS) at Defense & Security 2017 in Bangkok, one designed for installation on vehicles and able to achieve high rates of fire with an installed 7.62mm M134 Minigun.

The stabilised weapon is called the SARP-M134, with ‘SARP’ denoting Stabilised Advanced Remote weapon Platform. The six-barrelled M134 can fire up to 3,000 rounds per minute whilst the vehicle is on the move.

The RWS has an EO suite comprising a thermal camera, day TV camera and laser rangefinder. It has automatic target detection and tracking capabilities. The SARP family can also integrate with a host’s combat management system or act as a hard-kill option for anti-UAV systems.

Mehmet Ozguclu, director of Aselsan Malaysia, a fully owned subsidiary of the Turkish company that was established this year in Kuala Lumpur, said firing demonstrations of the SARP-M134 will occur in the future for potential clients.

Ozguclu noted that a laser could be fitted to the SARP later as well. Aselsan stated that its RWS systems are currently used by 13 different countries worldwide.

Aselsan has achieved considerable success in Malaysia with its RWS range, with six New Generation Patrol Craft of the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) each fitted with a 30mm SMASH weapon system. The first two have been delivered and accepted, with the third and fourth weapons due to be delivered soon.

The MMEA will also install 30mm SMASH cannons on three 1,900t OPVs currently under construction in Malaysia.

Of special interest, Aselsan will also supply a 30mm SMASH RWS for each of the Philippine Navy’s (PN) two frigates that are on order. Hyundai Heavy Industries awarded the contract to Aselsan in July.

The PN also plans to fit a 30mm cannon to the stern of its pair of Tarlac-class Strategic Sealift Vessels and Aselsan senses an opportunity for SMASH there to offer commonality with the frigates.

In other Philippine news, just over 4,400 A100 monocular night vision devices were handed over this year by Aselsan.

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