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Euronaval 2016: DCNS states its naval case (video)

18th October 2016 - 13:39 by Grant Turnbull & Richard Thomas in Paris

DCNS has set its shipbuilding stall out on the first day of Euronaval on Monday detailing the scope of their current commitments and expectations for future programmes.

During a press briefing DCNS also revealed that the French DGA will reveal on Tuesday the design for the future light frigate due to replace the Marine Nationale’s Lafayette frigates.

The vessel has been designed with capable endurance and combat management systems as well as state of the art weapons.

Hervé Guillou, DCNS CEO, told reporters that data flow volume, accelerating technology cycles and cyber security were challenges for the future. The growth of unmanned systems and their increasing use in the maritime realm was also a key area for the company.

Guillou said that DCNS was ‘very strong’ in being able to meet these challenges given its capabilities in both ship design and ship construction.

Regarding the recent leaks of information that could purportedly compromise the new Australian submarine programme, of which DCNS was recently named as winner, Guillou said that despite the ‘massive number’ of pages leaked there was no classified data contained within.

The operational impact on the customer was described as ‘very low’.

Meanwhile a senior official present said that while the ‘original purpose of DCNS was to serve the French Navy’ the experience in overseas markets provided in country capability, as well as training and academic benefits to its customers.

Of the potential Norwegian submarine requirement, slated to replace the current Ula-class, the official said that DCNS was well placed to meet the needs of the programme.

DCNS and ThyssenKrupp were shortlisted by the Norwegian government recently following consideration of other potential platforms.

On the future light frigates for the Marine Nationale, dubbed the FTI, a senior official said that ‘clearly [DCNS] meets all of the requirements’ but that the design also has potential for international customers with similarly sized vessel needs.

The company has a long record of successful programmes for its platforms, particularly in North Africa.

A release issued on 17 October also announced a new submarine design, dubbed the SMX 3.0, a platform that has according to the company ‘been tailored to the needs of generation Z’.

According to DCNS the SMX 30, with a displacement of 3,000t, ‘integrates the latest digital technologies for strengthened operational efficiency and… versatility of use’.

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