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Thales launches F@stnet-Twin

17th June 2010 - 07:59 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


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Thales announces today the launch of F@stnet-Twin, extending its range of Software Defined Radio (SDR) to the hand-held level. With its two independent channels, this multi-role, compact and lightweight radio delivers high-level connectivity and interoperability. This innovative radio strengthens Thales's position as a world leader in the field of Software Defined Radios.

Given the volume of information that needs to be exchanged between users, the cooperative combat engagement between different units, and the need for enhanced mobility, armed forces require innovative radio solutions that answer soldiers' needs.

With F@stnet-Twin, Thales has developed a flexible approach that combines in one radio a high-end performance VHF solution with a flexible UHF module supporting multiple waveforms. F@stnet-Twin is a genuine "two in one" solution, providing both UHF and VHF waveforms, meaning the soldier no longer has to carry two radios in the battlefield.

* With its VHF channel and the PR4G/F@stnet Waveform, Thales's F@stnet-Twin is a unique multiplex solution allowing the simultaneous use of voice and data, exceeding current hand-held radio performances on the market. PR4G/F@stnet waveform is the VHF reference waveform for Thales's SDR providing full interoperability.

* With its second UHF channel used with the ST@R Mille soldier waveform, it provides voice, data and video to communicate with platoons and squads while also being constantly in touch with company command posts.

* Thanks to its Software Defined Radio architecture, F@stnet-Twin is designed for interoperability with a broad range of military and civil forces through integration of high data rate vehicle, aeronautical, or Public Safety waveforms.

"F@stnet-Twin meets the forces needs of interoperability and communication in harsh environments", says Pascale Sourisse, Thales SVP, Defence & Security C4I Systems. "With this new generation of hand-held radios, Thales has set up a new standard in battlefield communications and confirms its position as a real partner supporting armed forces at the forward edge of the battlefield."

This new hand-held or body-worn solution is easy to operate and deploy with its automatic initialisation of radio parameters. Moreover, F@stnet-Twin gives the warfighter access, through its large color screen, to many functions and applications such as positioning with integrated GPS, messaging service, remote control as well as a Blue Force Tracking applications.

Source: Thales


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