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Terma, BAE to continue helmet audio collaboration

17th October 2016 - 11:30 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


Terma and BAE Systems will continue their collaboration on helmet audio technologies after achieving a successful design review, Terma announced on 13 October.

The companies entered into a joint development agreement in 2015 to integrate Terma’s 3D-Audio/Active Noise Reduction (ANR) technology with BAE Systems’ Striker II Helmet Mounted Display (HMD).

Terma’s ANR solution tackles the airborne or acoustically transmitted noise that is always present in aircraft, in order to reduce hearing loss and fatigue among pilots and improve speech intelligibility.

3D-Audio helps pilots deal with threat warnings within a complete 360 degree sphere of the aircraft. It alerts them from the exact direction of the danger and also when a threat changes path, which is particularly important in the case of missiles.

Terma and BAE Systems will continue work on a 3D-Audio/ANR headset for demonstration with BAE Systems’ helmet, followed by final product development. The companies will then perform aircraft integration and certification before serial helmet production commences. 3D-Audio/ANR technologies will also be installed at BAE Systems’ simulation facility in Rochester, UK, and its flight test center in Warton, UK. 

The agreement also includes the development of an ANR flight test kit to allow prospective customers to test the technology before making any purchasing decisions.

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