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North American Surveillance Systems introduces Fast Eagle

12th July 2010 - 00:01 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


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North American Surveillance Systems (NASS),has introduced its new mission conversion system Fast Eagle.

"NASS designed Fast Eagle to be the industry's premier ‘roll-on roll-off' airborne surveillance system," said Richard McCourt, NASS President.

"Aviation teams can change their rotary or fixed-wing aircraft from a full ISR system back to passenger or cargo configuration in less than half an hour."

NASS recognized the need for a fast mission conversion system to enable aircraft to be quickly reconfigured between multiple operational roles without degrading availability. Fast Eagle provides aviation professionals with the ability to complete a mission change from ISR to logistics or passenger carrying in 30 minutes or less.

"Fast Eagle is extremely cost effective since it allows an aircraft to be operated in multiple mission roles," said McCourt. "At NASS, we also have a fast turnaround time from contract to completion."

The installation and integration of a typical Fast Eagle system takes about three to four weeks according to McCourt.

"Our rapid deployment engineering and technical teams will accomplish the conversion at a customer's location or clients can fly their aircraft to our NASS Deland Operations Center (NDOC) in northern Florida for the Fast Eagle conversion," he said.

Source: North American Surveillance Systems


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