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LAAD 2011: Track24 offers SCC solution to South America

15th April 2011 - 17:37 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


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Canadian based C3 company Track24 is attending LAAD 2011 with the hopes of exploiting what it believes is a gap in the market for an entry level situational C2 system.

'It doesn't matter what conflict a military is entering there is always a capability gap somewhere,' Giles Peeters, global defence sector director, explained to Shephard. 'It doesn't matter how much you spend on a system its always the case,' he added.

What Track24 is looking to provide is a capable and cost effective beyond line of sight asset tracking system that can give armed forces and other organisations a basic level of situational awareness. 'We've come up with the term situational command and control, SCC, to explain what we are offering,' Peeters stated.

He acknowledged that what Track24 is offering is not an 'all singing, all dancing', battle management system (BMS) of the type that the large C4I systems integration houses can provide. 'That's not us. What we are offering is 90% capability, at 20% of the price,' Peeters suggested.

Track24 believes that in this way it can provide cost-effective tactical situational awareness. 'South America, Asia and Africa are good markets for us. We want to look at armed forces who can't necessarily afford to replace their existing combat net radio (CNR) systems with a sophisticated digitised tactical network,' Peeters argued.

The company's SCC is designed to be able to sit alongside an existing CNR providing a layer of situational awareness. 'In that way you can turn a CNR in to a basic battle management system, the next step for us will to be add further layers of BMS,' he concluded.

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