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LAAD 2011: Rockwell Collins expands Americas business

14th April 2011 - 17:47 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


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Sensing an opportunity in the Latin American market Rockwell Collins is focusing its efforts through a recently established regional operation.

The company's Americas business was set up last year and LeAnn Ridgeway was appointed as VP and managing director, Americas. Speaking to Shephard at LAAD 2011, Ridgeway explained that the new unit has responsibility not only for South America, but also for Canada and within the US for the services operation.

'What we are able to do is bring solutions from both the government and the commercial business and focus them on the customer,' Ridgeway explained. 'That gives us the best of both worlds.'

Rockwell Collins is excited about the potential of both Brazil and the wider region and is investing resources in expanding its presence. The company is best known in the region for its avionics business, but Ridgeway pointed out that Rockwell can offer a variety of solutions. 'One of the things we are doing at the show is educating people on the vast scope of what we do,' she stated.

'We are looking at a full investment of people and services in Brazil,' Ridgeway continued. The company is set to expand its service centre in the country and is also creating a number of service and business development roles concentrated in the country.

Ridgeway sees a number of business opportunities in the country, but one of the biggest is in the border security sector. Interestingly that is where her role also overseeing Canadian business comes in useful. 'Canada and Brazil have similar border control issues and are seeking very similar solutions,' she said.

'We have the full scope of border and control solutions', Ridgeway continued. 'We just finished installing a system for Finland... The solutions we have brought here aren't theoretical they are ready to be integrated.'

Understanding that to be successful in the region takes more than good products, Ridgeway added that Rockwell Collins is also looking for partnerships in the region. 'The countries in the region now want to see two things. They want technology transfer and they want to see indigenous work where possible,' she concluded.

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