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Elbit Systems presents Tadiran SDR-7200 with InterSKY C4I expansion card

15th June 2010 - 12:32 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


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Following the recent acquisition of Shiron Satellite Communications and the establishment of the Shiron SATCOM Business Line, Elbit Systems presents the SDR-7200 with the InterSKY C4I expansion card.

The fruit of three years of intensive research and development efforts, the SDR-7200 InterSKY C4I expansion card extends the capabilities of the Tadiran SDR-7200 to include broadband satellite communications.

The InterSKY C4I expansion card enables high bandwidth communication of up to 20 Mbps including video broadcasting and data communications. To ensure the safe and reliable transmission of sensitive information, the Tadiran SDR-7200 InterSKY C4I card's encryption and frequency-hopping capabilities provide protection against eavesdropping and jamming.

Driven by combat experience, the software-defined Tadiran SDR-7200 radio enables improved battle group C4I functions through a range of unique capabilities. Housed in a single radio unit, Tadiran SDR-7200 provides soldiers and commanders with improved operational efficiency, using fewer radios thus lowering costs and weight.

Since its founding in 1996, Shiron's strong commitment to research and development has enabled the company to deliver cutting-edge, end-to-end solutions. Shiron's applications enjoy rapidly growing market acceptance and have been deployed all over the world. Shiron SATCOM Business Line currently offers multi-service solutions in a wide variety of applications at over 200 hubs.

Source: Elbit Systems


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