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CRITERRA technology selected by the Israeli Defense Forces

2nd March 2011 - 09:00 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


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CRITERRA Technology has been selected by the Israeli Defense Forces for specifying the detection, surveillance and communications array on the Israel-Egypt border. BSEC Planning Corp, the USA technology provider, is hoping that this February 7th, 2011 contract award to DefenSoft, its affiliate in Israel, will add the impetus for US Customs and Border Protection to move forward with Criterra to plan the deployments of its upcoming mobile and fixed tower procurements, thereby maximizing return on these $100 million investments. "It is very hard to separate the wheat from the chaff, and I am working toward the opportunity to prove to CBP that Criterra is real wheat" says Larry Cassenti, the CEO of BSEC and DefenSoft.

CRITERRA is a geo-spatial software system for integrated analysis of threat, infrastructure, personnel, equipment and terrain to produce mission plans and optimized sensor arrays for large areas. Customers use CRITERRA for determining optimum locations for detection and surveillance sensors, communication devices, fences, patrol roads, personnel, and barriers for physical security and perimeter intrusion detection systems. The advanced algorithms developed over 8 years, enable CRITERRA users to very quickly plan optimal sensor arrays that answer the operational requirement at lowest cost and within other constraints.

BSEC announced today that the Israeli Ministry of Defense, under a competitive tender, selected Criterra Technology to produce optimum specifications, quantities, and locations for detection, surveillance and communication systems for controlling the Israel-Egypt Border, a capability also needed by the US Border Patrol. Under the contract the Israeli Defense Forces "IDF" will be supplied with CRITERRA based software, database and consulting services for the IDF to perform the analyses, specification and layout of detection, surveillance and communications equipment. The value of the contract is estimated to reach over one million US dollars.

The BSEC/DefenSoft CEO, Larry Cassenti of Andover, MA, said "there is a global need by Governments for improved analysis and planning to obtain the optimal return on investment from infrastructure security and border control budgets". He stated that BSEC today has the technology, the know-how, and the experience to satisfy this need. He added that, he thanks the IDF and the Israeli Ministry of Defense for the ongoing confidence they have had in the company over the past several years. "Under the new contract, we will devote all the knowledge and experience we have gained on similar projects in Israel and other countries."

Source: BSEC Planning Corp

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