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Controp launches Tornado-ER

18th October 2018 - 09:30 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


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Controp USA has launched an electro-optical panoramic scanning and automatic maritime target detection system called the Tornado-ER, the company announced on 15 October.

The system is designed for the automatic and simultaneous detection of moving targets, including swimmers, vessels of all sizes, small vessels in the background of larger vessels, and small floating objects. It can be used for port security, vessel traffic system, coastal surveillance and maritime traffic control in coastal areas, waterways, seashores, ports and harbours.

Tornado-ER includes two thermal imaging infrared cameras that provide a real-time, panoramic image from short to long distances up to the horizon. The system performs 360° scanning every three seconds to provide a 360 panoramic IR image of all maritime views, with high probability of detection and low false alarm ratio. In addition, the Tornado-ER acts as electro-optical radar for target detection – from 400m to more than 12km, resulting in a wide panoramic live image output as well as enhanced video analytics.

The Tornado-ER consists of a gyro-stabilised gimbal which is suitable for operation in all weather conditions. The system is passive, insensitive to radio frequency jamming and may be used either as a standalone, or combined with external systems.

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