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Australia awards Defence Innovation Hub contracts

26th January 2018 - 06:30 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


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The Australian Department of Defence (DoD) has announced the latest tranche of Defence Innovation Hub contracts totalling $13.4 million.

The five innovation contracts include a $7.9 million contract with Daronmont Technologies to build a prototype radar capability that could be used to replace existing technology used by the Australian Defence Force (ADF) that is approaching end of life.

Queensland's Teledyne Defence Australia was awarded $3.4 million contract to develop a vehicle-mounted IED detection and clearance capability for ground vehicles that uses an advanced radar system.

Sonartech Atlas landed a $1.3 million contract to investigate the potential of improving sonar performance and classification of underwater acoustic signals.

Jenkins Engineering Defence Systems will explore a cost-effective microwave-band radar electronic support system to provide automated warnings and recording capability of potential threat signals without the need for a dedicated expert operator.

Quintessence Labs received funding for a project that aims to develop a resilient encryption method that could protect sensitive data on mobile assets in uncontrolled or hostile environments through virtual zeroisation technology.

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