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ARTEX launches emergency locator

5th March 2018 - 10:30 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


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ARTEX has introduced a 406MHz approved transport-grade alkaline battery-powered emergency locator transmitter (ELT) called the ELT 4000, the company announced on 26 February.

ARTEX ELT 4000 features an alternative power source to traditional lithium batteries that is exempt from FAA special conditions. It uses a five-year replaceable alkaline battery and does not require additional protective housing or containment vessel.

The ELT 4000 is suitable for simplified forward fit and retrofit opportunities. It is a one-piece solution featuring built-in NAV interface (ARINC 429), allowing for connection to onboard GPS.  As it is a single output ELT, the ARTEX device uses the same RF output and only one coax cable to transmit both 406MHz and 121.5MHz signals. It also features options including a two-wire remote switch that does not require any aircraft power.

The ARTEX ELT 4000 has received Cospas-Sarsat and FAA Technical Standard Orders certification. Activated manually using cockpit remote switch or automatically via internal G-Switch, the 406MHz signal is transmitted to the Global Cospas-Sarsat satellite network and routed to the nearest search and rescue agency. GPS data embedded within the digital transmission reduces the search radius to 100 metres.

The ELT 4000 is also approved and available in a helicopter model with a 5-axis G-Switch.

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