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Thales introduces EagleSHIELD solution

19th November 2019 - 08:30 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


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Thales has introduced a new counter-UAS solution designed to detect, identify, track and neutralise drones flying in civil airspace, called EagleSHIELD.

The system can be used to protect sensitive sites such as airports, sports arenas, critical infrastructure and large-scale events in urban areas.

EagleSHIELD uses the Gamekeeper 360° holographic radar to provide airspace surveillance coverage and identify and track all types of air platforms flying at low altitude and medium speed within a radius of 7km. Complementing the radar, infrared and radiofrequency sensors refine the system's threat identification and classification performance, using real-time data fusion techniques to determine the exact type of unmanned aircraft involved.

A variety of UAS countermeasure options are available to be integrated with EagleSHIELD to provide a proportional response to the threat depending on the operational context. These options include electromagnetic signal jamming capabilities, interception by a swarm of drones and directed energy weapons to neutralise the rogue drone.

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