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SNC to participate in DARPA’s Gremlins programme

14th May 2018 - 13:30 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


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Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) will participate in Phase 3 of DARPA’s Gremlins programme as part of the team led by Dynetics, the company announced on 9 May.

The Gremlins programme intends to develop the capability to launch groups of reusable UAS from manned aircraft, enhancing the operational flexibility, safety and effectiveness of military air operations. After the completion of mission, a C-130 transport aircraft will retrieve the Gremlins in flight and return them to base for maintenance and preparation for additional missions.

SNC will provide the Dynetics team Gremlins air vehicle (GAV) autonomous docking system precision navigation, guidance and control system elements essential in engaging and docking the GAV with the C-130 host aircraft. 

The Dynetics solution will deploy a towed, stabilised capture device below and away from the C-130.  The GAV will dock with this device in a manner similar to an airborne refueling operation.

SNC subsidiary Kutta Technology will provide the multi-vehicle control services and user interface software for Gremlins.

SNC joined the Dynetics Gremlins team following completion of Phase 1 of the Gremlins programme. Prior to commencement of Phase 2, DARPA down selected from four to two teams. Phase 2 served as an evaluation for final down select to a single team to demonstrate capabilities in Phase 3.  

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