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RCN puts tracking systems to the test

19th October 2018 - 11:30 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


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The Royal Canadian Navy is using the Snyper micro UAS as part of work to test the effectiveness of its naval tracking systems, the navy announced on 12 October.

UAS are getting smaller and harder to detect, and as they gain new capabilities like the ability to connect multiple UAS and form swarms, they have the potential to pose increasingly dangerous risks to ships at sea. Keeping track of these new capabilities, the RCN is testing the effectiveness of its systems against a number of UAS of varying sizes and abilities.

Snyper, a compact and lightweight UAS that is designed to be expendable, is the first system being tested to provide the navy with insight into the effectiveness of its tracking systems against smaller threats by conducting tracking and live-fire exercises. The UAS has been modified with the addition of a high resolution camera to provide video and imagery capability.

The system is also providing the RCN an opportunity to further explore the needs and requirements of UAS operations in maritime environments.

The RCN will continue to develop its capability with Snyper and transfer lessons learned to fully support the force generation required for the Intelligence, Surveillance, Target and Reconnaissance programme.

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