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Hugin AUV available in package

12th July 2017 - 09:30 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


Kongsberg has released its Hugin autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) as part of a package that includes all supporting operational equipment, the company announced on 6 July.

The package, which includes all systems needed to store, transport, launch, operate and recover the AUV from survey operations anywhere in the world, is available as a limited release.

The Hugin AUV has a 1,000m depth rating, dive time of up to 12 hours with a maximum speed of 5 knots.

Kongsberg is targeting the package at organisations looking to cost-effectively expand their autonomous underwater capabilities in a range of applications, from commercial surveying and pipeline inspection through to marine and climate research.

The AUV comes preinstalled with a payload of navigation, communication and hydroacoustic equipment, including a Kongsberg EM 3002 multibeam echo sounder, EdgeTech Side Scan Sonar and EdgeTech Sub Bottom echo sounder.

The complete package also includes a 20ft storage and shipping container, single stage stinger for easy launch and recovery, operator station, battery charger and tow fish and winch for communication.

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