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SHOT Show: US Army to test Aimpoint FCS

25th January 2017 - 13:42 by Scott Gourley in Las Vegas

SHOT Show: US Army to test Aimpoint FCS

Aimpoint representatives have acknowledged that the US Army is preparing to test the latest model of the Fire Control System (FCS) for crew-served weapons like the Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle.

The US Army’s early requirements for an FCS were driven by the need to reduce training time and eliminate human error. The result was an increased interest in systems like the FCS12.

Thane Smith, director of military sales at Aimpoint, explained the necessity of FCS testing by the US Army before they commit to a purchase order.

‘With any army acquisition, especially on the level of this type of product, with different programme offices involved they have to do some pretty extensive testing before buying. That’s where we are right now with Picatinny Arsenal, as a testing item, has purchased five of the FCS12 fire control systems,' said Smith.

However, FCS12 is no longer in production having been replaced by the latest model FCS13RE.

Dennis Moore, project manager for FCS at Aimpoint explained the technological developments in FCS between the two models with the FCS13RE being one 'one generation advanced' from the FCS12.

‘The RE designation signifies that it has moving target capability. It has additional internal hardware that when activated allows it to produce not only elevation for range to target but also a lead for a moving target,’ he added.

In addition to the five FCS12 systems Picatinny Arsenal has also purchased an additional six FCS13RE systems for testing. Those new systems will be delivered no later than March 2017.

‘In one package the gunner, without coming off or out of a firing position, now has the capability to "laze" a target and know not only the range to the target but the [capability for an] instant ballistic solution for an entire array of ammunition,’ Moore said. 

He added that Aimpoint has received from Saab, Carl Gustaf prime contractor, all of the ballistic tables of every round developed for the weapon.

In addition to the M3 Carl Gustaf models currently fielded, the FCS13RE would also work on the new M4 model.

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