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NSW looks to Shark Marine's Navigator

19th July 2017 - 13:00 by Scott Gourley in California

NSW looks to Shark Marine's Navigator

US Naval Special Warfare Command is planning the procurement of underwater navigation systems from Ontario-based Shark Marine Technologies to meet special operations requirements, a recent solicitation has revealed.

According to the solicitation, SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team One (SDVT-1), based at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, has a requirement for four Shark Marine Navigator Systems ‘for task unit training, special operating procedure development and national mission tasking support'.

‘Shark Marine’s Navigator is an advanced diver guidance and sonar navigation system designed for operation in low visibility conditions,’ it stated. 

‘The Navigator system can be hand-held or mounted on a diver delivery vehicle, and was designed to give a diver the ability to see in zero visibility and navigate precisely over search grids for reacquisition of targets.’

Because of the product identification by name the solicitation required an accompanying justification for other than full and open competition. 

A redacted version of that justification identifies the specific navigation system elements as ‘four Shark Marine hand-held navigation systems model NAVM900- 2250 and four Doppler navigation systems model NAVDNS, and accessories'.

With SDVT-1 already equipped with two Shark Marine Navigators the further purchase would ensure undersea navigation training while operational capacity would be maintained across the four units. The solicitations justification highlighted the system's 'modular capability affording inimitable versatility and interoperability with various mission-enhancing accessories'.

Further, it states that the Shark Marine Navigator 'has proven undersea enterprise reliability in the conduct of multiple clandestine operations and diverse inter-agency training and exercises'. 

Additionally, Shark Marine’s DiveLog software controls all operations of the Navigator and its accessories, so that operators need only learn one software to master all their equipment. 

The document adds that the Naval Special Warfare community has conducted ‘extensive market research’ and determined that the Shark Marine navigators, currently used by over more than 17 different navies, ‘have been reliably used in support of critical missions around the world'.

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