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GDA 2017: US and Kuwaiti military police conduct partnership academy

6th December 2017 - 12:12 GMT | by Beth Maundrill in London


The US and Kuwait is looking to expand its partnership and enhance shared knowledge between its military police battalions, with a five week training programme conducted recently.

Dubbed the Military Police Partnership Academy, the exercise involved soldiers from the US 340th Military Police Battalion Theater Field Confinement Facility and their Kuwaiti counterparts.

The programme focused on a variety of skills from convoy operations and combat first aid to detention operations and riot control training.

The exercise too place from 25 September to 30 October. Kuwait sent 34 participants from Kuwaiti military police and 14 members of the Amiri Guard, eight of whom were Special Reaction Tactics personnel.

Maj Larry Brink, 340th MP Battalion Commander, was able to delegate the different parts of training amongst his soldiers.

‘Many of my MPs are multi-trained in other military police disciplines. The purpose of this academy is more of a partnership exchange academy. The intent is to establish a partnership of shared knowledge and exchange,' said Brink.

One of the aims of the academy was to exchange best practices for detainee handling and correctional facility operations. Part of the exercise took place at the Kuwaiti Army Prison, Sabhan, Kuwait.

Training with the Kuwaitis allowed US soldiers to learn new ways of doing old tasks and experience more Kuwaiti culture, a statement said.

Kuwaiti forces were also taught about force cell extraction as well as the extraction teams positions and duties.

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